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Hi everyone! 

In the process of coming back to my regular schedule, I have decided to purchase my first ever blog design, and what better way to do it than get a Pipdig template?! Can you imagine my excitement?

It took about a week or so for me to find the design that I wanted to go for. I even asked some of my friends for feedback and votes when I was choosing the template. Although most of them voted for another template, my heart somehow wanted the Sartorial design, so this is what I ended up choosing.

Credit: Pipdig

I thought that this template would force me to improve my photography and showcase them at the same time. Right now, it doesn't look as impressive. It would take a bit of work, but I hope that someday soon, the homepage of my blog will be filled with beautiful photos that I have taken. 

I can't wait to get back in the swing of things as well! I was thinking about posting twice a week instead, something like Monday and Thursday? Please let me know your thoughts (or concerns, if something is not working) in the comments. So, go on and click the header above if you want to see firsthand what the homepage looks like!

x Ayre


  1. I'm glad you went with what you wanted - it's your blog after all! The new design looks great :)

    - Courtney