Back to School: Made to Matter

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As one of the beauty ambassadors for Pacifica Beauty, I was one of the handful of bloggers that received products from them. This time around, they sent me Target's Back to School: Made to Matter tote bag filled with so many goodies from 20 different brands that were "natural, organic, and sustainable." These products were "made with simple, recognizable ingredients that [were] designed to be higher quality for everyone and accessible to anyone."

Well, you all knew how much I loved my natural products, so I was only too happy to see the products sent to me.

The products I were most excited about were:
As for the foods, I tried the crackers, and couldn't wait to dig into the rest of the snacks at work this week. The deodorant would definitely be passed down to my coworker's husband, but other than that, I reckon I'd really enjoy trying out all the products pictured above. 

Thank you so much, Pacifica Beauty, for the generous gift. 

Let me know in the comments if you've tried any of the products featured here, and how you like them.

x Ayre


  1. This bag of goodies looks amazing! I love the Shea Moisture products, they are so good for curly hair.

    1. thanks for the tip on Shea Moisture products!

  2. The 'yes to' range is quite popular here too, they do a whole range of creams, serums etc :)

    Velvet Blush

    1. I love their products but the skincare just doesn't work for my sensitive skin :(