Harveston Lake Park

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This past Labor Day, I spent some time with my mom and my friend J.D. at In-N-Out. My mom had to work so she went home right after, while J.D. and I ventured to Harveston Lake Park for the first time. My mom kept telling us how beautiful it was and that we just had to see it. I brought my DSLR just for this adventure. When we arrived, I gave J.D. a crash course on the camera. My back was hurting so I told him he was in charge. He accepted the challenge and the photos in this post were the results.

This was his first photo. I thought he was just practicing, until I started editing the photos and I noticed that there were letters carved. What a beautiful start.

Next, I taught him how to take a macro photo. He was a quick study and captured the beautiful photos above. I also told him that he had such a great eye for photography because the lighting in his photos were perfect. In the length of time that I had been taking photographs, my photos never came out like his did. What a natural.

We continued walking and I suggested potential subjects. He took few photos, but what he did take were all beautiful. Unlike me who took 20 photos in succession of the same subject, he took one or two that came out perfect. Seriously, I told him he should be a photographer, too. Especially because he loved to travel and recently came back from Spain. Imagine all the amazing scenery he could capture!

The photo above was one of many that really blew my mind. Just look at how perfect that water looked! I wish I could be as amazing one day.

We kept walking and he continued to take photos while I watched in awe. Towards the end of our adventure, I gave him his final challenge: photographing people. It seemed like a harder feat, but he was able to take a few good shots. A bit more practice and he'd really give me a run for my money.

What a lovely day that was. Looking at these photos inspired me to be better and keep practicing my little hobby. Here's to our next adventure!

x Ayre


  1. He should give photography a go, a great natural like you said! :)

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    1. I'll bring my camera when we go somewhere and entrust it to him so he can practice :)