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I Got Books!

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A couple of weeks ago, I went to my PO Box and picked up a few packages; two of them filled with books. That same day, I went to hang out with my friend and we ended up at Barnes and Noble, as you do in a boring town.

So, in order of top to bottom, I purchased the book Easy Guide to Grammar as a way of investing in myself. As a book editor, I figured that I could always keep on improving my craft by keeping my knowledge fresh in my mind. Also, the book cover was so pretty, and the book itself was hot pink without the jacket.

The next book was Lisa Kessler's Lure of Obsession (book 1). I bought this one from the author herself; in fact, I bought two: one for myself and one for my uncle. The reason for this--besides the amazing story--was that I helped edit this book. I was so excited that my name made it into the Acknowledgments section, that I wanted a copy for my collection. 

The last two books were sent to me by Jordan. She'd been a long-time Twitter friend and since then, we'd been sending each other little gifts or books when we can. She sent the books to me because she thought I might enjoy them more. When I read the back of Beautiful Bastard (book 1), I decided it was definitely the kind of book I read and enjoyed. I didn't realize that she was sending me Beautiful Player (book 5) as well, but nonetheless, I was grateful for potentially amazing books to be added to my collection. (Thanks Jordan, if you're reading this!)

So tell me in the comments if you're a bookworm, too, and let me know what kinds of books you enjoy reading. 

x Ayre


  1. I tend to like books that are based of real life events. Congratulations on getting printed in the acknowledgements, that's really cool! :)

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  2. I kind of want to start a collection of books in which my name was mentioned in the Acknowledgments section.. Though that might cost me quite a bit of money, I do want to make it a reality one day.