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It would be a rarity for me to choose red meat over white meat, but on occasion, I quite enjoy a good ol' burger. When my friend brought me to Oink and Moo, I was surprised to see how small the restaurant was. My first impression was that it had a very intimate setting with a lot of character. They had tables, booths, and then there were the two high tables in the back. There was also a bar, but we didn't venture there.

We were seated in one of the two tall tables in the back, so we were able to oversee the entire restaurant. It was really cool because the chairs were rooted to the ground, but the table moved. Since I am vertically challenged, I literally had to climb my way up to the chair, and then I couldn't get back down until after the meal.

There were beautiful fixtures all over the place, and a couple odd electric fans as well. Behind the restaurant was a garden where they picked fresh herbs, literally harvesting them as they prepared the food that the patrons ordered. It was very cool.

The servers were great and very friendly. The whole place almost had a family vibe to it. It was so cool being there as if it was a small community enjoying a feast. I didn't notice it until later, but they also had really interesting salt and pepper shakers.

As me and my friend were very hungry, we perused the menu online prior to arriving to the restaurant. When the server introduced herself, she informed us of the day's specials, and one of them was a berry lemonade. Well, I was starving, but I was also thirsty, and a regular lemonade just wouldn't do when there was a berry option! My friend opted for a spiked regular lemonade as you could see from the first photo of this post.

As for our appetizer, my friend decided to go with Frings, which consisted of waffle fries and onion rings. It came with the most delicious ranch for dipping. It was a glorious start to our meal.

As for my burger, I decided to build my own with a medium well quarter pound steak with lettuce, tomato, special moo sauce, caramelized onions for taste, and avocado as a burger bling. It was so delicious! I could only finish half of the burger until I was feeling really full. We were offered dessert, but we turned it down. I only asked for a box, so that I could take my burger home, and a glass of water.

When the water arrived, I greedily drank from it, and then regretted it. If you were picky with the kind of water you drink, I would not recommend their water at all. Anyway, we made our way down the tall table and my friend warned me to be careful. I said it didn't look that high, but when I landed, I was proven wrong as I almost hurt myself. I didn't, thankfully, but that should teach me a lesson for next time.

Another bummer of the trip? I left my leftover on the table! I was so bummed, even as I wrote this post. The burger really was delicious and I wanted to have some more for dinner...

Alas, I simply must go back and bring another friend there. This time, we would make a reservation just to make sure we would be seated quickly, in case the place happened to be completely packed. 

Let me know in the comments what fixings you like on your burger!

Oink and Moo Burgers and BBQ
121 N Pico Ave
Fallbrook, CA 92028
(760) 451-6005
Open Wed-Sun 4:30-9:00pm (8:30pm on Sundays)

x Ayre


  1. I love places like this! Looks so homely and cute. Oink in the bun is cute too haha

    Corinne x

    1. I really enjoyed it! I spent $20 for the whole meal, which was quite ridiculous, but it was worth it if I was going to visit once a year :)

  2. I really like your posts! Amazing!

    & check out my blog, I am new here! Thanks!