Breakfast, Coffee, and Desserts

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Food = Happiness.

I love Snooze Eatery in Del Mar. I'd been trying to introduce as many people as I could to this place when possible. Their food always gave me joy and I would continue to come back for more!

Last weekend, my friends and I decided to head to Snooze and treat ourselves before we went on another adventure. I split a plate of eggs benedict with one of my friends, in which I ordered the classic Ham Benedict and she ordered the Chile Verde Benny. My other friend ordered the Egg White Frittata for the first time. We all really enjoyed our heavenly food.

For dessert--because it's an essential order--we ordered half O.M.G. French Toast and half French Toast Neat. My female friend preferred O.M.G. French Toast, while her son preferred French Toast Neat. I liked both, depending on the mood. The first one was creamy and very indulgent, while the neat one was more on the dry, less guilty side, unless you add the syrup, of course. 

As per tradition, we went in search of a coffee shop so that my friend can get her caffeine fix. We ended up at Better Buzz, which was quite a hipster cafe. I liked the vibe, actually. My friend tried them at a farmer's market last year so she wanted to try the actual cafe. Unfortunately, the coffee's quality fell short. 

Last but not least, we found ourselves at MiaBella Yogurt & Desserts. I was searching for places to visit in San Diego, and somehow, Google decided to give me dining results, and this place was one of the "must-visit" destinations. I loved the creaminess of their self-serve desserts, but my favorite part was the toppings. They had chopped almonds! It may sound silly, but I love almonds! Sorry I wasn't able to take a photo of the dessert itself; I was too busy enjoying it.

Overall, it was a great day last Saturday. I look forward to more days like it in 2017!

x Ayre


  1. Food does = Happiness! All this food looks delicious too - I very rarely treat myself to brunch out! <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. definitely need to try to go eat out at least once a week :)