Exploring: Old Town, Temecula

12:00:00 AM Arianne 2 Comments

During the holidays, I went on a photography adventure with my friends and our families. Although we have lived in California for over a decade (more for them), we had not truly explored our backyard. So, we decided to see the sights at Old Town in Temecula.

I loved the rustic vibe of Old Town. I almost wished every city looked like it. Nowadays, everything is modernized, but sometimes, I kind of want to go back to the old days and experience the simplicity of life back then.

Walking around this little part of town had me thinking of what it was like before the internet. Granted I was born without the internet, but I honestly couldn't remember what it was like. Cell phones already existed in my generation. Being in Old Town, I could almost imagine people sitting on a porch and just having a good chat about life and family.

I want to go from one city to another and discover what hidden gems there are in each. Sometimes we become so consumed by our work that we forget to go out and just go for a walk and enjoy the sights. Even if we've seen it a million times, surely there are still some parts worth exploring. I find that nowadays I feel like my eyes are always seeing through a lens and I'm able to see the beauty in my surroundings.

x Ayre


  1. Those are so fun! I love exploring new places! That Antiques sign is so stunning! I kind of want one just because I love the look of it! :)

    Alisha |

  2. Old Town looks beautiful and I'm like you, I get sick of seeing everything modern and it's so nice to see places like this for a change. From the photos this place kind of reminds me of a town called Echuca in Victoria :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode