It's A New Day, It's A New Life

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Happy New Year everyone! 2016 had many ups and downs, but we'd survived it. I hope you all have embraced the new year and are steadily making memories with those you love.

As always with a new year, resolutions are in order. Below are my 2017 resolutions.

Pay Myself First

I wanted to save $5K last year, but I doubt I reached the goal. This year, I want to save more and actually be better at it. I did a google search and saw the phrase "pay yourself first," which absolutely makes sense. I pay my bills all the time, first and foremost, but this year, I will save first, then pay bills, then spend the rest :)

Pay Off One of Three Credit Cards

I have been struggling to take control of my current debt, so this year, I am making it my goal to pay off at least one of my credit cards. I was doing well towards the end of last year, and I hope to continue that this year.

Meditate For 300 Days

I felt great when I meditated for almost a whole month last year, so this year, I'm making it my goal to meditate at least 300 days out of the 365 in 2017. It's time for me to feel zen for most of the year. I deserve it.

Be More Optimistic

I want to put more effort in being positive this year. I have been saying that pain is very comforting to me, but it also is destructive and leaves me alone most of the time. So, I want to find more of the good things in 2017 so I would have a reason to smile more and hopefully be happier.

Create Artistic Videos

I love watching cinematic videos from some of the youtubers I follow, and I hope to do the same this year. I want to make videos that tell a story rather than me sitting in front of the camera all the time, talking about the same sort of things over and over. I want to explore what kind of creative things I can put out there and hopefully still be consistent in uploading once a week.

Log Off

I was doing great logging off by 9:30pm towards the end of last year, and I want to continue doing it this year. I know that by doing this, I would get better sleep and feel much more refreshed the next day, making sure I'm not cranky throughout the day.

Read More Print Books

Finally, to help me shut down in the evening, I want to read more print books. I have so many that I own but have not read, so I want to make it my goal to read more this year. It would also give my eyes a break from looking at a screen ten hours a day.

Let me know in the comments your new year's resolutions :)

x Ayre