Beach Break Cafe

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Breakfast is my favorite meal on the weekends. I don't usually eat anything exciting during the week since I eat when I get to work, but on Saturdays, I like to try and have breakfast or brunch with friends if possible.

Our recent adventures took us to Beach Break Cafe. It was my first time there and when I saw that they had waffle on the menu, I immediately decided that I wanted to try it. It wasn't mind blowing, but I was satisfied. It had a really tasty butter, which was saying something because I usually don't like butter on my waffles or even pancakes.

My friend R ordered the eggs benedict with hash. As you could see in the photo, it was drowning in hollandaise sauce. If the sauce was on the side, she would have liked it better. On the other hand, I went ahead and finished the Canadian bacon for her when she decided she wasn't going to eat the rest of the food.

My friend A ordered the corned beef hash. It was actually delicious. I liked that it wasn't burnt just to be crispy. The meat tasted really great. Also, as you could see, we ordered sides of bacon. Out of the three dishes, we all agreed that the corned beef hash was our favorite. Oh, and yes, we all shared all of our foods. We asked for smaller plates so we can have sides of everything we ordered.

Overall, the food was great, but I don't think I'd rave about it to my other friends like I do with my favorite brunch place. I wouldn't mind coming back, though. The food were delicious enough.

Beach Break Cafe
1802 South Coast Hwy
Oceanside CA 92054
(760) 439-6355

What's your favorite breakfast food?

x Ayre