My Throw Pillow Collection

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It all started last year when I decided to decorate my space during the holidays to give myself a little boost and to be honest, to give my YouTube videos a pretty background. Since then, I've purchased a few throw pillows that I somehow decided I wanted a pillow to represent every possible holiday during the year. I've got a long way to go and limited space, but I'd definitely want to continue collecting pillows.

First up was my favorite pillow so far. When I saw it at Walmart, I knew I had to have it. It was also what sparked the desire to own a pillow for each occasion.

I bought the grey and white pillow at the same time as I bought my favorite pillow. The grey with the gorgeous design (please tell me in the comments what the design is called) just seemed so Pinterest and would look great down the line when I get my own place with a sofa and everything. The smaller pillow was from Target's "$1, $3, $5" section upon entering the store. I got it for $5 and it was so soft. I definitely bought pillows not just for cute worthiness, but also for the cozy factor.

The red, brown, and cream pillow was what started the collection. I thought I should buy a cute pillow for my bed. Then the orange pillow was purchased out of sheer desperation to have something fall or Thanksgiving themed. I was lucky enough to get it from Home Goods for $8. 

Finally, the inspiration for this post was sent to me by Modern Map Art. They have pillows, prints, phone cases, and more with city map arts. The one you see here is the Stone Harbor map in New Jersey. I thought the colors would be a great addition to the collection during the more neutral months when there wasn't a more popular holiday. They offer free shipping on all orders and they can customize the maps into whatever color or style you would like. If maps are your passion, definitely check them out.

As for other things in the photos, I wanted to quickly mention that the hello kitty blanket was a gift from my mom, and the gorgeous chevron pillow cases were from Walmart. They were only meant to be decorative so I didn't mind that they weren't the best quality pillow cases. They were good enough to be comfortable, but certainly not made from Egyptian cotton.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. Let me know if you collect throw pillows, too. Next on my list would be pillows with lovely quotes on them. 

x Ayre

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  1. That modern map art cushion is so unique, I love it!
    Aleeha xXx